Wind Harp

Aeolian Wind Harp

An Aeolian harp is a musical instrument that is played by the wind. It is named for Aeolus, the ancient Greek God Of The Wind. This beautiful harp is played by nature only, unlike wind chimes that can be played with a human touch. This instrument will make a harmonic sound as the wind moves through the strings and causes them to vibrate and harmonically work on each other producing a unique tone. This unique harp produces a sound different from that of a wind chime, often referred to as enchanting, ethereal and almost haunting. The best time of day to hear these yard harps is after dark when the background noises are at a minimum. They work best in a gentle 8-12 mph /15 kmp breeze.

Wind harp

The wind harps that Vale’s Greenhouse has for sale are 45inches /114cm tall, about 8 inches/20cm in diameter. A sturdy steel construction in a colour choice of black or copper with titanium strings will last a lifetime outdoors. To work properly, harps must be in an open, breezy area where the wind comes straight thru the strings. It takes time for the strings to build up enough energy to start making sound; swirling winds that keep switching direction will not do this. Best placement is usually with southwest exposure, but the key is to place the harp where the prevailing winds for your area come from. It may also be best to have the harp up in the air somewhat (5-10 ft above ground) as the wind does not swirl as much.