Katrina's Gift Shop Picks 2016

Bridge Cards

Bridge CardsThese are the prettiest Bridge Cards and matching Tallies, so pretty that in fact you may even be tempted to learn to play. I had never thought too much about the game of Bridge, it was a game my mother-in-law played, until several friends got involved, and they are young! Since the 1930's when the Game of Bridge caught on, this classic game of strategy featuring two teams became one of the most popular card games, newspapers have daily Bridge columns and there are more books written about Bridge than any other game, except Chess. Bridge tournaments attract thousands of players who compete to become life members.

Honeysuckle SoapHoneysuckle Soap

No matter if you are a bar of soap person, or a pump liquid foam type, we can help. Pure and sweet Honeysuckle fragrance and generous size of both the bar and the pump forming soap makes this product a terrific value that will last a long time. The soap is enriched with moisturizing Shea butter and aloe vera for gentle cleansing. Beautiful packagings make these items a real pleasure to give and receive. Check out the matching items to make a beautiful gift basket or try the other scents from the same company from England.







Butter Dish

Butter DishEverything vintage is new again. Your grandmother and mother knew that a covered butter dish keeps your butter fresh and delicious, and the dish itself brings a classic style to any meal. From the simple dome holding only a small portion, to the larger family size that holds the whole brick of butter we have a size for any house hold. Priced to sell, all under $25.00, these pretty and functional dishes make a great gift or a useful household item.





Paper Place Mats and Paper Coasters

Paper Placemats and CoastersNow here is a great idea, place mats that you will never get tired of, they won't get put away dirty and what you thought was nice 20 years ago.... Well you get the picture. These 17x11 placemats are printed on heavy paper with soy-based ink. They come 25 in a sheet, tear-off pad so they are the perfect amount that you will never get tired of them. You can match the place mats up with pretty coasters that are thick and absorbent and printed on both sides, for double the use. Then your table will be perfect.