Kinetic Copper Wind Art

Wind Art Image 1Spinning like DNA in even the slightest breeze, the Kinetic Copper Wind Art greets all customers as they arrive.  It never fails that when Katrina goes away on a garden convention she comes back with more than tired feet.  In 2009, the Perennial Plant Convention was in St Louis, Missouri.  It was here that she first encountered Wind Art of this kind.  “I need that” was the comment, and shortly after three pieces arrived in Black Diamond.

“Modern art often leaves me feeling flat” says Katrina “but this, I just love! If I need to have art explained to me then the artist missed the mark”.  This needs no explanation as it spins silently and calmly, adding a whimsical feature to the garden that delights all that see it. 

Wind Art Image 2After careful thought on the placement of the three pieces it was decided that for the best overall effect we would create a garden space of its own, where it can be seen and offer year-round enjoyment. Placed in a perennial bed full of grasses, which also create their own Kinetic Energy, the combination of man made and nature have made this garden space even more fluid and dynamic.

One year older...

One year older, and definitely better!